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  • Nov 20
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Clarksville, Tennessee
  • 1
  • 1
  • 29

The Clarksville TN store regularly violates ADA standards and practices by refusing the use of both doors at this store. The storefront doors are in very poor repair, difficult to open, and now there is a young man insisting you take the long way around through the entranceway. In addition, especially during the holiday season, they frequently jam aisles so full of unstable goods that it is... Read more

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  • Nov 18
  • Shopping
  • Union, Missouri
  • 45

I visited your rural king in harrisburg Illinois the other day and left aftwr i heard how a person christy ane john ( i think thats his name) talked to an employee named kaytlyn( im not sure on the spelling). They were chewing her out for just talking to a customer. Omg. When is it wrong to sociaize with customers who are shopping i your store. This is so ridulious. Then after they did... Read more

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  • Nov 18
  • Employees and Ex-employees
  • Redmond, Washington
  • Rural King Work Experience
  • 32

I worked for rural king for over a year. The store manager was great and 3 of the 4 assistants were great . The office manager was a liar and a thief she talked to people like they were dirt. If money was found in the store and nobody called to claim it she took it. She would show up when she wanted and leave when she wanted. She would tell people it was cause she was friends with the... Read more

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  • Nov 13
  • Products
  • Crystal River, Florida
  • Trailer
  • 72

I bought a trailer from rural king only because it came with a $120 rebate. It was submitted by the cashier at time of purchase. It was denied. I called the 800 number they said their computers were updating that it wasn't anything i did and they resubmitted the rebate while I was on the phone. It has been denied again. WTF this is BS. How many times will I have to submit it before it... Read more

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  • Nov 09
  • Food Stores
  • Wooster, Ohio
  • Jif Creamy Peanut Butter
  • 46

I called a week or so ago in reference to store #3541 had given me a rain check for Jiff creamy peanut butter that was on sale the week of sept 18th i was told when I called customer service they would have it within a week. They still do not have it, they have crunchy but not creamy. When I called the store they do not know when they will get it in. This store is good at not having items that... Read more

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  • Nov 08
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • Rk Brand Denim Jeans
  • 48

I bought a pair of Rural King Brand jeans. I thought the jeans had very good appearance, the pockets were a little too straight up and down but I could live with it. The price was normally $9.99 and I believe I bought them on sale for $8.99. I walked out of the store thinking I had a very good deal. I won't lie. I did get some use out of the jeans. I wish I had kept the receipt. The only way... Read more

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  • Nov 07
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Tornado, West Virginia
  • Reclining Chair
  • 44

drove about 75 miles from Milton WV to Gallipolis Ohio to buy a recliner chair they had on sale, I went to the service desk and told the lady I needed help with the chairs, she got on the radio called for someone to help,she told me that person was helping someone else and would be back to the chairs as soon as he finished, I went back to the chairs to wait on the person after about 20 minuets... Read more

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90% of time we shop at rural king van wert oh we get over charged. .Items don't ring up correctly..we always have to check our receipt before we leave store or when we get home..happened yesterday....frustrating Add comment

  • Oct 23
  • Shopping
  • Weirsdale, Florida
  • Rural King Work Experience
  • 6
  • 6
  • 102

The terrible customer service and treatment that you received while shopping at the leesburg store is not different than how the employees are treated as well. I can't tell you how many good employees that were forced out due to ridiculous reasons and because of the terrible treatment there was a time when we all used to enjoy our jobs there I know I did but then the true colors of everyone... Read more

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The popcorn machine has been out of service and every customer loves this service we want it back Add comment

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