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(New Castle indana)Mowed with it a total of two and1/2 times.first time worked great went to start second time battery was dead had to jump it.when I backed out of the shed the reverse made a loud noise,got halfway through the mowing mower it started making noise again from rear of mower.last time I mowed with it got halfway through the mowing went to turn steering wheel just spun freely (no steering)took it back two and a half week old mower.told them I wanted my money back,they said they have to have their mechanic check it out b4 issuing a refund said they call next day,5 days later no return phone call..I went back to store true to get a manager with no success,lady at service desk took number again said manager would call next day asap,3 days later no call.i went back to the store got a manager this time he took receipt and said he be back in a minute. 20min later he returns tells me they ordered a part,I told him I came for a refund which they promised not a repair,he told me they don't give refunds on gas items.ask me if I had the mower with the nose in the motor.i told him no and explained for I know at least 4th time the problem.i told him if it broke down that many time in such a short amount of time I can only imagine what the condition would be by the end of the year. Told him that if they did not refund my money I was going to file a small claims case against them he did not seem concerned in the least bit did not even ask my name id bet they dont have my name or number still.they have my mower now and I don't even think they know who I am still very bad service the more should at the very least be replaced it obviously is a defective product worst manager customer service I have ever encountered.its a real joke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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