This last weekend I went to my local Rural King in Monticello, Indiana. I was with my 19 year old son.

Later that day him and I were going shooting and I wanted to buy some Tannerite, I didnt know you had to be 21 to purchase and he carried it up and after telling him he had to be 21 I took it to buy (59 years old). At that time the Manager (Justin Alberta) told me I couldn't purchase it either because I was buying it for him to use. I told him he was wrong I was buying it for me to use. He called me a liar and left.

I asked many friends that work their and all told me he is a very bad manager. I purchase all my guns and supplies their and have no issue with the age change but did not appreciate the support from Justin Alberta. If not addressed I will look else where from now on (hopefully it will be addressed). I was also told he fired one manager under him for none work related issues and lies to everyone, otherwise if you don't play ball your out.

I understand some rules are interpretive, but I told him exactly what was going on and he refused to listen. My son used to work there and I was told he didn't like him.


Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rural King Cons: Customer service - very rude, Justin alberta is rude and opinionated, Employees tell me he had made sexual advance where not wanted.

Store Location: 1004 N Main St, Monticello, IN 47960, USA

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So your underage son tries to buy something that you need to be 21+ to buy, and when they don't let him, someone else tires to buy it for him? What do you think walmart would do if it were alcohol?

or tobacco? Common sense people......


Making a complaint about an incident and then throwing in all sorts of rumor and supposed personal failures about the manager undermines your credibility. It also opens you up for civil liability under harassment, libel and slander.

I’d recommend some judicious editing.As for the complaint itself, what you describe is the law for liquor sales. Someone of age cannot buy liquor if they are with someone underage. If someone underage tried unsuccessfully to buy, and someone over 21 known to be with them tries to buy it five minutes later, cashiers are not allowed to sell to the second person, because the presumption is that it’s for the first person.

That’s how the excise police explain it. There may be a similar law or rule with tannerite, since it is an explosive and is regulated.


I love shopping there, the only problem I have is with this one manager. I also believe that Rural King management will handle the properly.


first of all if you were having that kind of problem with that store manager I would not of gave rural king that high of a star rating really a 4.3 I think a 1 or less would of been more justified and don't expect your complaint to be addressed either because they don't care !!!!

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