The Rural King here (Store 72) opened just about 6 weeks ago.

Their grand opening was conducted this past week and ended yesterday. Thus far, it has been WELL received by the community. We are not lacking for Walmarts, farm and ranch supply stores, a Home Depot or Lowe’s.

What I have read on this site is a lot complaints by disgruntled current or formal employees. Big deal! If you are former employee, move on and get over it! If you are a current employee and you are not happy, QUIT ! You are doing yourself a disservice by staying there. If sales drop due to you airing dirty laundry, only you are going to suffer for diminished job and salary increase opportunities.

As a consumer, there are defective products, poor customer service and idiots everywhere.

I visited the store on its second day of business and have watched evolve. In my opinion, the management has done a fantastic job get the store stocked, staffed and operational!

To date, I am happy with Rural King and until they prove themselves otherwise, I will continue to support them and sing their praise.

A happy Rural King customer in Lake Wales, Florida.

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This guy sounds like employee of Rural King....Put your name on it if you are to believed..


The store is OK....I'm glad they are in Florida.The reason they are in Florida is because the old family owners retired to this area. They were bored, so they opened a few stores there . I visited two so far, but we live in the Chicago area in the summer months...Snow birds I guess...Being a small business owner, I will wait and see...I hope they keep the Walmart rifraft out....