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I placed an order on 11/30/2019, with delivery promised within 7~10 days.


About the 12th day, I tried to contact them. Could not get through on the phone.

Their online contact system did not respond to me.

I get an order cancellation on 12/30.

"...has no ETA of shipment and we will have to cancel your order"

I continued to try to contact customer service and finally got through to them on 1/6/2020.

It apparently comes down to that RKGuns can't count, and even though I bought it when in stock, and the web site showed the item as in stock for weeks afterwards, they did not have enough on stock to fill orders.

This stinks because I could have bought something similar at a similar price during the holidays. I trusted them because I thought they would be trustable because they have a local store, Rural King.

So, avoid RKGuns if you actually want to receive what you are trying to buy.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Rural King Pros: Low prices.

Rural King Cons: You wont actually receive the item, Will never use them again, Being misinformed, How they handle complaints, Customer service stinks.

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I have also had this issue with rk guns I bought a 1100$ gun and told it would be 2 weeks and a month in half later with the store manager calling they got it to me. I also ordered a case of ammo took over 2 months they said they had that in stock also.

I got sent to a different store and sold on the shelf so they had to reorder it. never again will I order from rk guns if its not instock I wont buy.

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