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Went in for a price match spent 20 minutes getting a price match on my phone off the Home Depot's website for a jigsaw cordless and I do a lot of business with y'all and not very happy at all and then he said he needs to see a part number I said I'm not buying a part I am buying a tool then he said call whoever you want it don't matter to me I'm the manager I run this store I don't have nobody else that is my boss I am the boss of this store you can call me anytime this is not a small business thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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that explains why the B.B.B. GAVE RURAL KING AN F RATING FOR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE you can check that yourself just go to BBB. ORG also the manager mike who said that I run this store I don't have nobody else that is my boss IS A LIAR he has to answer to the regional / district manager and the corporate office and owner alex Melvin

@rk employee

Nobody gives cares what the BBB says. The BBB has no jurisdiction or authority over anyone.

TheBBB is a business that tries to pass as a Government Org.

In 2010 ABC's 20/20 reported in a segment titled "The Best Ratings Money Can Buy" about the irregularities in BBB ratings.They reported that a man created two dummy companies which received A+ ratings as soon as he had paid the membership fee. They also reported that business owners were told that the only way to improve their rating was by paying the fee.


Jasonthe B.B.B gave rural king a F rating for a valid reason !!! for poor service and for not answering /resolving customers complaints , the B.B.B was set up to warn consumers of businesses who rip off customers or have bad business practices SO GET OVER IT !!!!also the fee you pay to join the B.B.B. has no effect on how a business is rated its actually rated on how they conduct business !!!!


Everything has a part number, dude. It's how they keep track of physical items. Your beer and chIPs have part numbers too.