bought new battery 2 week dead as a hammer . Had to have one that night replaced it with another from other store.

next time to rural king tried to return it in exchange for another battery I needed . sorry only can exchange it for the battery like I had bought I didnot need that battery . only would give me core value for their dead battery. I will not buy another battery from rural king .

I was willing to pay difference between batteries.

sale clerk had no time to listen to me and sure did not care . or offer a solution to my problem or prefer me to a manager who might have help.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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there was a five dollar credit for six months left on my old car battery.... so I bought a new battery ....plus the five dollar credit from the old battery.....

....The new battery fail three months....Went back to Rural King for an exchange.... could not get an exchange ..because... They give me the warranty from the old battery purchase date .....because of that five dollars credit from the old battery....... warning.....

if your battery is over 60% ... do not use the credit for a new battery.....

it is not a credit ....they will extended warranty from the old battery purchase date... Spring Hill Florida...


Piano store is going to give you something different than what you originally bought they might replace the item the exact item but they're not going to give you something different. LMAO

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