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Th employee was doing my hunting license she called him on walkie-talkie told him to come upfront immediately. He due to a glitch had to call the game commission.

Was on hold and needed her manager numbers to fix the transaction she then like a raving maniac came back demanding everyone must now stay till 9 .just to point out she was incredibly out of line .the gentleman said he had to leave t scheduled time 8 30 she said go ahead and tomorrow I'll write you up.first it's illegal not to mention wildly unprofessional. I will never deal with her again if she's here I will leave .she horrible and I'm typing this in the parking lot and her miserable self is standing in the lot on the phone .this is why you can't find good people I've owned 3 different construction companies never ever had to treat my guy like that ever she will lose employees I would neverput upwith her crap she would be looking for a job if she worked for me no doubt about it.

User's recommendation: Hopefully you don't have to deal with management.

Preferred solution: Reprimanded at least .

Rural King Pros: Product selection.

Rural King Cons: Customer service - very rude, Manager refused to give corporate number.

Location: Dunbar Township, Pennsylvania

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