Rochester, New York

We are suppose to go online to file for a 12% rebate.Can not find it anywhere.How are we suppose to do this without a site to go to.This seems to be a rip off.Other people seems to have the same trouble that I am having.Please correct this problem.I have talked to other people that have tried over and over to find a site to fill out.Why do we have to have so much trouble with a simple task?Please lt us know some way that you have corrected the problem.This is silly having to have a hundred words also

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Its usually on the homepage when you go to


I am trying to find a tractor battery rebate, i am unable to find it. never had this problem before.

It is suppose to be $10. Please let me know where to find it?


The site stinks. Ruralking office told me to go to the drop down menu and click on the date. No such drop down menu.


Type in GOOGLE and it will come up,jst click on the site and follow along, I just did this 3 times and it worked fine- Good Luck


I'm NOT in Alanta GA. I live in Union City, Tennessee LOL.

Don't know why they posted Alanta GA. :?


Ok, I'm game. I can't find the site either, I contacted Rural King and they gave me another site to try...nope didn't work.

However, I can take my reciept in and they will bring it up on their computer for me. I found that to be very helpfull :)


what is this 8ball thing?


Look at your add 8Ball... It tells you where to go.

Its not on the actual Rural King web site. :roll