Martinsburg, West Virginia
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Rural King in Terre Haute is very bad about having sale prices posted on

items, but registers charge full price. Bought several items there a couple

of weeks ago that were on sale but cashier rung them up full price. This

was even after I told her the correct prices. She rang my order up THREE

times and it was still wrong. She finally got prices right, BUT charged

me for an item that I did not get or have. Had to call management and drive

all the way back to Terre Haute for my refund. Then the other day they tried to charge me 34 dollars for a grease gun. It was marked 12.99 in aisle. I checked on website and 12.99 is the correct price. Be warned YOU

need to watch them very closely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I also meant to add that it's our part as the consumer to look at the receipt before we leave the store if we don't want to have to make that return drive. Really people lets start taking responsibilty for our lives.


I wish people would realize it isn't the cashiers fault when a price rings up as it does. The computer is set by a person at coporate headquarters.

I've seen more then one cashier get yelled at for something like this and stepped in right away to help.

If a price is ringing up wrong call a manager over and have then see that the computer tech person needs a call. I've shopped at a Rural King and if there is ever a price difference they ALWAYS fix it if that's what the sign says.

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