Two male asst managers ,and the female store manger are nothing but lying,rude,and totally unprofessional! They pick favorites then treat the rest of the staff like *** The hard physical jobs are always assigned to the women in the store.

They have been heard talking about employees in front of other employees! One male asst manager has even taken a female associate out to lunch and gave her his number...which according to compny policy is not permitted!

Associates are also made to do heavy lifting that should be done by forklifts..No food or drinks are allowed on the floor all the while, the store manager walks around up front eating and drinking all day! I wouldnt recommend this company to anyone for employment!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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this is 2015-Management and employees changes all the time. I have always found someone to answer my questions (unless the store is crazy busy and that can happen anyplace. We love the store.

Thumbs UP!


There is a guy working in lawn mowers named Brent who is sleeping his way thru the staff there. Has lived with 2, married one and says he is not married, and just moved in with another. Plus his job record is not good as far as honesty and being trustful.


Management is horrible in the Circleville, Ohio store, they are very unprofessional and are rude to employees in front of customers, they have very noticeable favortism, just a horrible place for any person to have to work in those horrible conditions, I feel sorry for the employees, someone needs to step in, the favortism is out of this world!!


rural king Circleville, ohio Management all you can say it SUCKS, store help is standing around on cell phones. if you don't know what you want you have no help.

if you buy a large item you will have to load it. also wanted to buy a new shotgun and was told it would take too long to fill the paperwork out.


This is not true about employees standing around on cell phones and it is not true you have to load big things yourself, I go there ALL the time and never see anyone on cell phones, those are 2-ways and I'm always offered help, must be to demanding maybe? Just their management sucks!!


love me some rural king. .

. best nuts around, hands down.


Rural king circleville is a joke. Tractor supply is much better, the employees are freindly and also assist with anything.

An employee at rural king circleville was told to diassemble shelves by thereself, and another employee was asked not to help at all.. These shelves were the whole toy isle displays. What kind of a store does that to people, prisoners have it easier than the rural king of circleville employees I will nvr.shop in that store again. The store stinks, mice and.rats are decaying on glue traps behind the shelves, my dog got stuck on a trap from where a mouse tried to escape.

That place is a health hazard. Shld be closed down.

Ruth lincoln shld be ashamed of how she runs that store, shes the one.who shld be getting 8.00 an hr. Instead they pay her to live, and drive to circleville everyday to run a **it hole!


I agree with you, favortism is aweful in the Circleville store, they need a whole new better management team! My daughter works there and it is horrible all the favortism, management also is rude and hateful with employees in front of customers, I've witnessed this myself. Just aweful employees have to work under these conditions!!


This store is not how we represent our company. I work at the lafayette indiana store.

We treat our customers with respect.

We know that the customer is #1, and we pride ourselves with customer satisfaction. We welcome each and everyone of you to visit one of our other stores and see if we can assist you.


You may very well treat your customers with respect when you see them. What about how you treat your employees when you THINK the customer doesn't see.

I have worked in the prison system and that one person is right. The prisoners DO infact get treated better than some of the employees at Rural King. In the summer it is always hot because they wont turn the air on. In winter its cold because they wont turn the heat on.

What kind of employer does that to their people??? Where is the respect for a human being? And all of you in Management can click on *** if you wish. You would think the owners of this company would care about the people that are actually DOING the work and MAKING their stores profit.

Its not your assistant managers or your manager or even your Regional manager. Its your Dept Managers and hourly employees.

Treat them with respect, give a little and you would be amazed how far that will go to make your employees productive and more helpful to customers. :roll


How about treating employees with respect as well!! The Circleville, Ohio store management sucks!

The favortism is out of this world, mamagement belittles employees in front of customers. Worst conditions I have ever seen for employees to have to work under.

My daughter works there and I have witnessed this and so has others besides me, its just aweful. Needless to say, she is looking for a new job!!


Yes I say amazing because I am amazed that she is still employed by rural king. Just goes to show you, doesn't take much to make the management team at rural king. How they keep their head above water is umm AMAZING to me.


As an employee, I can verify the management comments about Ruth. Ryan is just as bad.

My question is : Does Alex and the other corporate officials know what is going on at the Circleville store, or do they even care? It would be nice to get a compliment once in awhile.


They need to be informed, my daughter works there and omg the favortism and belittleing of employees from the managers in front of customers, just amazing, this store needs new, better management, the mangement there now suck!!! Working conditions for employees is aweful and disrespectful........I would not work for this store!!!! Scheduler needs demoted too, don't know their job well.


Corporate Office 4216 Dewitt Ave Mattoon,IL 61938 217-235-7101


Thank you, I will call and give my input about Circleville management and the super bad favortism!


Found out recently that store managers and regular floor associates have been spotted in Circleville bars,drinking and partying together.....if thats what it takes to get where you want to go in this company...they can keep their promotions and raises! I respect myself more than that!


Circleville Rural King SUCKS!


You think its bad now? Wait for a year when you've worked your *** off and put up with psycho witch and THEN you finally get your raise and its a whole 2%. Good people of Circleville get out now while you still have your sanity.


I recently visited the Circleville store and I wont be returning...the employees were great but the store manager,(a woman who will remain nameless),was such a snob! She was being horrible to an employee as I was walking by...plus it felt like it was about 90 degrees in there!

Its hard to shop when you're sweating your *** off! I will just continue to shop walmart and tractor supply as I've done for years!

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