Columbus, Ohio

Two male asst managers ,and the female store manger are nothing but lying,rude,and totally unprofessional! They pick favorites then treat the rest of the staff like *** The hard physical jobs are always assigned to the women in the store.

They have been heard talking about employees in front of other employees! One male asst manager has even taken a female associate out to lunch and gave her his number...which according to compny policy is not permitted!

Associates are also made to do heavy lifting that should be done by forklifts..No food or drinks are allowed on the floor all the while, the store manager walks around up front eating and drinking all day! I wouldnt recommend this company to anyone for employment!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

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@just a customer.....who wont r

My daughter works at the Circleville location and the management is horrible, rude and disrespectful. The managers belittle employees in front of customers all the time, and the favortism is out of this world, the magament here need reported!!


The circleville store has already lost some good employees due to Ruth! Im sure all the employees will be glad when she hops on her broom and flies far far away!


Well. I will be blunt...

I once worked for the manager that is there. I worked my self into the ground for her. going to the japer store on days off to pick up transfers, working at home to try and fix inventory (even though she never would fix it). She had to be the worst manger I have ever worked for.

She had her favorite empoyees, and those employees had thee nastiest departments because they we lazy and decided to take at least 5 or more ten minute breaks a day. I quit because of this manager and I am sorry for the way that she is representing Rural King.


Favortism is aweful in the store, I have never seen such bad management in my life as this store has!!


I called the store to see what time they close. The guy that answerd the phone said, " Uhhhh, we close at dark.

It's about 7, so we will probably close at 8. If it's not dark yet we will be open till 9.

" If I'm going to drive 20 miles to check out a store, I would like to know an exact closing time. Sounded like I interrupted his bong hitting break or something.


And she will be off to terrorize another bunch of unsuspecting workers in a new store.!


And I'm sorry to say she isn't going to change. Yes she does play favorites and yes she will lie straight to your face.

Yes she will blatantly talk bad about people where others can hear.Sorry for you Circleville my advice to you is call it a day and go find a new job.

Don't let her ruin your day. She enjoys it too much.


Perhaps this posting should be emailed to:


I have to totally agree with this posting...whom ever wrote this speaks the truth! :)