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This store allows people to run businesses without a license week after week. One woman and a friend take up to 10 parking spots with trailers, trucks, tables.

She buys stuff at a Mennonite auction comes down and resells it. She blocks the already congested parking lot. There are usually 4 different people set up in the lot on any given weekend sometimes as many as 10. Some people actually sell stuff that is sold in the store in direct competition.

Solution is move them away from the center of the crowed lot to a marked area along the edge of the lot, in a farmers market type set up. But not allow people to sell stuff they did not produce and are actually running a business on your location.

I constantly have to park way out in the lot and push 15 bags of grain up the lot to the closest spot I could find. Normally beyond the prime spots taken by the illegal sellers.

Reason of review: Parking lot issues.

Preferred solution: stop the practice or move into a side area for farmers market.

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How do you know they are illegal sellers and how do you know they are unlicensed? They could even be directly associated with the store.

Things that are sold this way don't have to be self created-----have you ever heard of Flea Markets? It sounds like this is what could be going on instead of the Farmer's Market type of selling that you think would be better.