where is the company headed. who is leading it.

fred? greg? susan? you?

see that's just it nobody knows. If you think you have hired the people to take this company to the next level your crazy. you have lost your mind. Its a total shame.

there is such a potential for this company to be something special. makes its own way in the retail world. walmart made its path on the back of kmart. stole every idea it ever had.

Is this your legacy? You willing to bet your future on the ones in charge today? ask yourself one question alex.

why do they not still work for wally?

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As a former employee, I can tell you that since our former store manager, Jeff, left for the Fla. store, our managerment team has gone downhill.

The manager brought in cannot lead fairly and takes up for his managers that display less than professional leadership because he's just like them. Some managers have been threatened to keep their mouth shut by other managers and just let things go, so they are scared of losing their job. It's sickening really! So many hard working employees and former employees had to leave due to threats and discrimination and favortism.

It's such a shame, as Rural King is such a good store full of products at the best prices for everyone!

We all spent our money there and encouraged family and friends to do so as well. Maybe someday, somebody in corporate will take these complaints serious and really do a real investigation where the good honest managers don't feel threatened to speak their mind of the real deal going on and employees feel free to tell it like it is instead of having to quit their job for trying to call out the bad behavior.


I absolutely agree! we lost a great store leader to some of the ridiculous mistakes that company has made! it is time to open your eyes and realize the good and bad people in the company!

to Anonymous Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #703160

I just don't get it. I love the company and the endless possibilities that are in front of them.

I hope they wake up. so many good people but the atmosphere is toxic.

why so many store managers leaving at once? gotta wonder.

to retailer Louisville, Kentucky, United States #707037

Anyone who frequents Rural King on a weekly basis, knows the employees and can see how hard we work and what conditions they provide for us. No air flow even for our guests in the summer and freeze a person out in the winter.

We have stood in heat so bad our clothes were ringing wet and sweat dripping down our face. We got a big 12 cent raise for the year, but I'm betting the rest of our money padded some higher ups bank accounts. They wouldn't get those without the dedicated workers. For ex: at the store in Jeff, one of the lady employees came by every morning (except the 1 week she had off) in the summer to water the plants and flowers before the sun came up and she headed to her first job of the day.

She did this on her own time, was never compensated and if you asked her why she did it....she didn't want the plants to die cause nobody else would water them and all the profits would be lost. That is dedication!!! Even she was forced to walk out last week because NOBODY gives a *** about the employees or their situations or feelings. They do what suits them and their selfishness.

The store in Jeffersonville is about empty of these kind of folks. Including myself!

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