Maceo, Kentucky
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Bought a pair of Winchester knee length boots in Dec.2010 for Christmas present. Only wore boots to hunt in.

In oct of 2011 getting hunting gear together for deer season and found that the soles of boots separating from the tops. They were Winchester Pro Line 400, Thinsulate Ultra, 100% waterproof, ser#WIN144080T. Bought @ Henderson, Ky. store.

Can't get any satisfaction on replacement. Love to shop at Rural King. But, after this fiasco don't know????????? THEY WERE MADE IN CHINA.

(WOW) These were size 13 with a side zipper.

being of male gender. Had realtree camo design.

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I am in no way associated with Rural King, but I think with the amount of time that passed between the purchase and the defect I can't blame the store for not replacing them. Your complaint should be to Winchester.

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