3201 IN-45, Bloomington, IN 47403, USA
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I called 2 time and was on hold for over 30 minutes and never spoke with a manager. I was trying to see what we could do about my damaged tire on my truck from the parking lot.

I had to mis 1.5 hours of work and pay $120 for a new tire because of a rock that had punctured my rire in the parking lot of the bloomington store. It looked like they had ground the pavement for repair. When i cam out of the store, my tire was almost completely flat.

I managed to get to a gas station for air and when i had it looked at, there was a sharp rock lodged in my tire. It was unrepairable and had ro be replaced.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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A corporate person did reply to you on here... because how defensive the person is.

Rural King is a company that never does anything wrong...

and everyone else is in the wrong... it's their culture.


They don’t own the rock that cut your tire. Standard road issue.

You won’t get jack. Kinda funny that you KNOW that if a ROCK cut your tire that they are NOT RESPONSIBLE!!! Just bad luck and it’s yours, don’t try and force your OPINION as law because it won’t work. Just because it happens in their parking lot doesn’t make it their problem.

My question is why you didn’t avoid the rock?? If YOU can sit there and make it their problem why can’t we then turn and blame YOU. YOU were the driver. THEY didn’t throw the rock under YOUR TIRE.

HOW is this their fault??

Come on, what LOGICAL and LEGAL argument can you make that places the blame 100% on them? If someone got a flat tire in front of YOUR HOME does that make it YOUR FAULT?


I appreciate your reply... Unless you are a manager or corporate representative...

I do not think you have anything to do with this issue.

If you are one of these, I would love to explain my side of this problem. SO until then, thanks for wasting your time and mine for reading your useless comment.


Then why did you post on a PUBLIC FORUM? If you don’t want to see what others think then DONT POST!!!

I have every right to call tripe!!

It’s a PUBLIC FORUM!! This is NOT how you keep your issue between you and them.


Actually, I was trying to call the corporate office when this came up.. I thought I was giving a description of the reason I was calling.

I have never heard of this forum before I got the email saying some idot keyboard warrior posted on my post. Your input is not welcome, I also do not care what you think if you are not affiliated with Rural King management. Please go troll someone else. Maybe Rural king would be so kind as to post on a forum about them...

you know, Instead of pointless conversations with witless people who have no authority to do or say anything about the issues I have stated. Good Bye!!!

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