Rural King had (has) a special on refurbished Porter Cable 18V lithium drills. Rural King has a policy of free shipping on orders over $49. According to Rural King's policy on free shipping, sale items are exempt. Fine, I attempted to place an order than included NON-sale items to qualify for free shipping. Then, I wanted to include the sale items to that shipment. Since the order continued (online) to include shipping costs, I called Rural King Customer Service. The person I talked with was polite, but not helpful. It makes no sense to me that a company would establish a free shipping criteria, and once met, would disallow free shipping because a sale item was, then, included. The customer service person understood my complaint, but basically said: there is nothing I can do.

After that, I sent Rural King an email detailing what I mentioned above, but I have received no response to my email.

As a person that uses online retail sites for many purchases, I have never found another online site that would cancel the free shipping because I increased my order just because the increased item was on sale.

I do understand that free shipping does not apply to orders over 75 pounds...that's ok, but my order would not have reached that weight limitation.

I explained in my email to Rural King, that I purposefully ordered merchandise I did not really need in order to meet the criteria for free shipping, and that not honoring free shipping because I then added sale items that as a stand alone item would not qualify for free shipping, but when added to items that did qualify for free shipping the free shipping, and then voided the free shipping, made absolutely no sense. In fact, the policy was a contradiction.

I have shopped with Rural King both online and in their stores. I also have shopped with many online merchants, and have never had free shipping cancelled because I added items on sale or not. Again, though, I do understand the limitation Rural King has on weight (75#) for free shipping, but my order would not have reached weight limitation.

There are other farm stores in my area, but I drive 37 miles or more to shop at Rural King. So, being able to get free shipping is real value to me.

I do hope Rural King will reevaluate this policy.

Store Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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I had a similar situation. I don't have a large amount of time to post my complaints. However, Jeremy Miller handled the situation poorly, and I wont go back.


Hello again Mr. Miller,

In your January 9 response to my pissed consumer complaint, you suggested if I had additional questions or concerns to contact Rural King at customerservice@ruralking.com. Interestingly, on Monday, January 2, 2012 12:32 PM, I did send an email to your customer service people people, but have yet to receive a response.

I didn't include this information in my earler responses to your message on pissed consumer because the issue was complicated enough.

If you would like, I would gladly forward that email to you at an whatever email address you specify. Thanks, and I hope you will follow up on this situation.


Dear Mr. Miller,

Following my response to you, I reread your comment.

Actually, in your comment, you confirmed what my original complaint suggested. That was my point: Having been an online shopper for many years, I've never experienced a purchase from another company where once free shipping criteria was met, it was then taken away because additional sale items were added to the order.

After reading (then) the free shipping policy on your website, it can be construed two ways.

It does say that sale items do not qualify for free shipping; it does not say that once free shipping was qualified, that adding sale items disqualified the free shipping. Thank you for taking the time to respond, but you do confirm the basis of my complaint.


Dear Mr. Miller,

Thank you for your comment; however, you are incorrect.

I did order a mix of items and the non sale item exceeded the criteria for free shipping, not including sale items, plus the items on sale.

The order would not exceed the 149 pounds you mention. But, each time I attempted to use the FREESHIP the shipping charges remained. I called Rural King at the number on your home page, and the person that responded to my complaint confirmed what I'm saying.

Once an order qualified for free shipping, and then sale items were added, the sale no longer qualified for free shipping. Go to your own site and do a sample purchase (you can see the problem before the purchase is finalized) and you will see what I'm talking about.



My name is Jeremy Miller and I am a representative for RuralKing.com. I understand your concern and to be clear, our free shipping promotion does not apply to sale items or orders totaling over 149 lbs.

If you have a mix of items that are regular priced and sale items and apply the coupon code, you will receive free shipping on the regular priced items if they total of $49.00. You will still have to pay the shipping costs on the sale items.

Adding sale items to your cart to have the total reach over $49 will not qualify for free shipping since the free shipping coupon does not apply to sale items. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at customerservice@ruralking.com

Thank you and have a great day.

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