Vincennes, Indiana
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I am currently an employee at Rural King store # 21 in Vincennes, Indiana. I recently started my employment in November of 2013 after moving here for college.

My experience with the company has been the worst of my 6 jobs previously. The managers have horrible judgement skills, feel like they're too much in power, and will hardly participate to be involved besides to tell you what you need to be doing even if it is obviously not a very smart decision. Ever since I began there on my first day of work I was talked to like I was dumb. They will hire you on for a certain position, but then ask you to do tasks that are meant for other possible hire-ons.

This is not a big deal if you do not mind to be a hard worker, but they do not stop there if you fail to get done with a task because they ask you to do 3 other things at once they will disrespect you for it. When you do all you can and are supposed to do and more they will still go out of their way to disrespect you. They even don't mind to disrespect customers in the same way for asking them to do their job (simple everyday tasks). I would not consider seeking employment here unless you are a person who can put up with disrespect and know right from wrong.

By this I mean the power that the managers actually withhold not the ulmighty believing they're CEO,CFO,COO etc... Know you're rights in the work place!

Make the right decisions in retaliation for mistreatment by staff over you!!

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I too have found that RK is one of the worst places I have ever worked. I have been a part of the work force for over 30 years and this economy has led me to accept a job in ***.

These people make you feel like a little kid working in a Chinese sweat shop. Customers complain because the heat doesn't work in winter and the air conditioner doesn't work in summer. I haven't had to work for minimum wage since I was in high school. I have a degree in business and was laid off, ended up taking a job as a cashier at Rural King, with the hopes of finding something better in a couple of months.

Well that was 15 months ago.

Living the dream! I take home a little over $600 a month and they think we should buy shares in the company!!!


The job economy sucks in this country so you just cant go to the first place and get the job dumbbell. It takes the most experience and fresh out of college years to get a job. Sounds like somebodies parents pay for everything.


You don't sound old enough to be in college. If you hate your job so badly, find a different job.


Wow, what a great idea I would have never thought of it. I have two jobs already and go to college thank you very much.

Before you criticize me please think out what you're saying.

1 jobs are not just frequently handed out today. 2 why are you talking trash anonymously on a website where it is meant for people to express their experiences with the companies they've interacted with.