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The way the employee talk to me on the phone when I called to ask why I was overcharged and she got really aggravated and walk back to the dog section and said yes the sign does say 99 Cents but it's ringing up 149 and the young girl who rang me up was sweet very nice very professional she walked back there with me and seen that they were 99 cents and said she would charge me $0.99 for the chicken feet pet chews well I get home look at my receipt and I was not charged $0.99 for them so I called back and whatever woman answered the phone was very rude very hateful very unprofessional said yes the sign does say 99 Cents but they are not ringing up $0.99 I'm changing the sign now you'll never get a chicken foot from here again for 99 cents which was so uncalled for all I wanted to know was they 99 Cents or gone up on the price because the price says 99 cents she was very rude very unprofessional with me talk to me like I was nobody and I come in your store at least twice a week and spend over hundreds of dollars on dog food and what nots and things I may want but I'm telling you now I will not let some employee talk to me like I am a piece of poo on the bottom of their shoe it was uncalled for and unnecessary and to be honest with you it was very disrespectful I have managed a company for over five almost six years I would have lost my job if I would have said something like that to someone on the phone

Location: Narrows, Virginia

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I don't talk to anything on the bottom of my shoe.

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