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I ordered a kids recliner for my grandson online. It took almost ten days to bill my paypal account (in the meantime I had emailed them to see if there was a problem).

I received one email response asking to verify what I had ordered and have yet to hear back from them. I finally called the toll free number and was told that my order had shipped that day. I got home yesterday and received a package from them. "Quail egg runs".

Needless to say that's not what I ordered and I don't have any quails! I telephoned the number on the shipping invoice only to be told that I would have to call the corporate customer service since it was an online purchase. When I asked for that number I was told that they didn't have that number and i would have to "google it". I finally got to talk to someone at corporate only to be told that I have to wait for someone to contact me in a few days with directions on returning the quail egg runs and once they receive that and find the package intended for me that they will ship out my original order.

The order I received was addressed to me, but the packing slip had someone in New Yorks name and address (I live in Florida).

I don't feel I should have to wait for my $75 purchase for them to receive their $7 package that they screwed up and sent me! Cant even comment on the quality of their products, because at this point I may never even receive it!

Monetary Loss: $75.

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I know Whare your coming from. Believe me....

I worked for rural king in Waterloo IL. They suck. They pay $8.25 for $20 labor. The management does not care about the employees or customers they believe that their better than everybody else.

Their *** don't stink.

All rural kings customers and employees in the eyes of management and corporate is a bunch of white trash *** redneck UN worthy dumb ***. If OSHA came in and saw how that company operates they would be shut down.

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