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Bill the daytime manager lied to us about teturning a generator that we had paid for and had not taken possession of yet. We cldnt get the correct plug for it that he said we cld obtain.

We had not taken possession of generator and he said it was corporate policy not to refund on genetators. We were forced by him to take it anyway. We saw no choice. After reading corporate return policy on line that reads more or less "generators that have had gas or diesel and oil cld not be returned".

It is clear that he mislead or lied to us on the spot by refusing to refund us our money because it is corporate policy. The item #86405802 1 ea 1109.00$.

Host ref #34480901. "

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Store Location: 1801 US-19, Crystal River, FL 34428, USA

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Filled out application was called in for interview .waited 30 min no one ever came to talk to me.some employee's were standing behind me talking about me and laughing like i couldn't hear them. From the moment i walked in everyone was either very rude or to bizzy to help u .what ever happened to the customer's always right. Everthing these people are saying in there reviews i believe 100%

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