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i bought a tractor battery in niles rural king in march. i used it 8 times then we had that dry spell here in michigan so i didnt mow the long for along period because the grass was brown.

so when we finally got the rain my battery was dead so i charged it up and it still didnt work. so we called rural king and they nsaid we could just exchange it so we took it in there wasnt any batteries to exchange, but the sales person said we could only get 58% of the money once we found a battery.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Store Location: Rochester, New York

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I worked in the battery business for 33 yrs. before retiring, if that is a lawn tractor battery they only give you a 90 day free replacement after that it is pro-rated.

And yea, sorry to say I worked at Exide too, but not for long. I did not like some of their business practices. For instance their so called dual purpose marine battery, we reps. called it an NG for no good.

From what I am seeing now, they are pushing that battery on customers now that I retired. I refused to sell it to any of my customers unless they specifically ordered it, which was rare. I treated my customers right, so they trusted me. I normally sold around 200 to 400 per week in season.

There is nothing like a customer out on the water & the boat want start. As I told them, that consumer will remember you 4-everrrr, as he sits out there stewing.

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