Santa Claus, Indiana
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I work at the rural king in jasper and we have blizzard conditions and a state of emergency...I called my manager to let him know that I couldn't make it in because of the conditions and he told me that if I couldn't make it in he would send someone out to come pick me up...he also told another employee that we would be getting busy and that she needed to come in as soon as possible...she has a little baby and does not want to risk their lives trying to get to work but he still pushes her to come in anyway! Most big factory's around jasper area already shut down due to the conditions...I just don't feel the manager is handling things the way they should be. If you would like to contact me my number is (812)639-4965.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

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I hear you. It's not just at your rural king it's at all of them.

@Munice Employee

Here too!!!! They don't even plow the lot until they call the regional manager for approval. How moronic is that????