As an employee of this "company" I would say there are many incidents which make me wonder why I work for them, but maybe its only because they are close to home. They have slung me around, talked down on me and have been down right rude (managers, and hr manager).

When storms are coming, (tornado warning) they stay open and put lives in danger. The lights will go out, and we will continue being open. The holidays like July 4th, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, we STAY open. This "company" would rather waste the money to keep the doors open on days like this when we get no customers, then close the store for one day.

For me, I would like to spend this holidays with loved ones. A recent event that has really set me off, its payroll. I expect my paycheck to be here when it is supposed to be. I have bills to pay, and they automatically get withdrawn on the day after I get paid.

This isn't a big deal until I don't have enough money in my account to cover the fees. This Rural King is UNSATISFACTORY.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

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