Jeffersonville, Indiana
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Sounds like Rural King is hiring a bunch of little Nazi's to run their stores. The lying and mistreatment is not just at Nile Michigan store.

It seems to be a plus in your management training. I've seen assistants come into a job as nice as can be. One the Nazi manager has brained washed them, they are evil lying creeps.. Plus the favoritism is ungodly.

They further you can stick your nose up their bums the better they treat you and the worse they treat anyone with any self respect. Rural King stop scraping the bottom of the Walmart barrel for your managers.

Yes Freddy I said Walmart! haha!

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I have been to the store and had a good experience.I think maybe they should hire people who know they are supposed to work and not play.Sounds like a bunch of children wanting to be paid for playing.


Niles Store is a messed up pig pen. Should Just start over.

never seen a mess like that. lost me 4 a costumer and all I know.

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