I used to work at the Rural King in Evansville, IN and I hated the whole company. It used to be an awesome company to be with.

We used to have fun while working and helping our customers. Everybody was happy and had a blast. Even the customers were having a good time watching us pull pranks on each other. That was until Walmart Fred came along.

We used to call him Bob Hope because that is what he looks like. I worked there for 7 1/2 years since I was unable to find another job. There was people who just started who were making more money than me. It took me 7 years to be made full-time and get benefits.

Then I had to wait a year before I get a full-week vacation!! I was treated like *** and had to do everybody's job since they were to lazy to do it. I used to give customers discounts when i was not supposed to but I did not care. I was helping the customers.

I am so much happier and stress free now that I found a job that I love. Take it from me, DO NOT EVER work for or shop at this company. They say you will get promotions but that is false advertisement. You won't go anywhere.

They stopped all pay raises for good except for management. They were paying $50 for a pay of boots and were selling them for almost $200. That is ripping off the customer. We found dead rotting mice in our popcorn one day and the management told us to keep using it so we don't waste it!!

How disgusting is that.

If the health department ever came in, they would get shut down with the stories I got. The whole company needs to be shut down.

Store Location: Evansville, Indiana

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