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So here is my thing with Rural King! There was a store just a few weeks ago with out a store manager, and a receiving manager.

The store was left to the assistant managers to run for a few weeks alone with no answers and no direction. They did the best they could with the store. Come to find out corporate claims they did not know that the store manager quit, and also didn't know there was nobody running receiving. Here is my thing if someone owns a company and has all these big wigs to run around in a helicopter to check up these store Why was this store left abandoned??

Isnt that why they have this helicopter that store has to pay for???? The stores need communication!! The entire store needs to be PAID more! the hours are awful, the pay is awful!!

its time for the owner to look at who is making the money for him ad start paying up for all the hard work the employees do for him!!

Open your eyes, without your employees your stores would fail and you wouldn't have a company at all! Im sure the owner and all the corporate workers are sitting comfortably and have no worried, where the employees of the store including assistants, receiving manager and the hourly employees bust their butts off to get nothing in return!!!!

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We went to our local Rural King in Wooster, Ohio last week to pick up a few items for our pets and look at prices for tarps etc. As we came in there was a great special for RK 5 gallon buckets.

The handwritten sign read, Free Rural King 5 Gal. bucket and 10% off any item you can carry in your bucket (cannot stick out top over 8 inches) Limit six per customer. LIE. Actually, You had to pay for your buckets up front plus tax and then go to Ruralking.com to get a rebate check.

Nowhere on the sign was this mentioned, so this added an extra $18.00 plus tax to the bill right off the bat. My Husband is a Navy war Veteran and showed his DD2-14 and Military I.D. for his 10% discount as usual. BUT, since the 6 items we bought were in RK buckets, they refused his discount.

The clerk then double charged us on the 2 most expensive items we bought, which ended up being around $20.00 over. I paid with my bank card was asked debit or credit, used debit and we took our items out to the truck. My head was trying at that point to wrap itself around $80.00 and change for 6 (well basically 12) items due to the RK Bucket Scam, That still only should have cost maybe $60.00 or so so I looked at the receipt.....added it up and of course took it back in where another clerk looked over my receipt asked 3 times if i was sure i only got 1 bag of cat food and 1 bag of litter, then taken to the "Customer Service counter and told I could have cash or I could have the amount refunded to my card within A FEW HOURS IF NOT RIGHT AWAY BUT DEFINITELY THE SAME DAY! I chose to have it put back into my bank account.

Again I had to go through the Debit Credit rigamarole, put my pin in and was assured my over ring would be back into the bank the same day with no worry. I also pointed out to the clerk, No 10% discount had been given for the RK merchandise I bought that had been IN the RK Buckets, that will be with your Rebate check, not IN STORE. Why then was a Vet not given his IN STORE discount?? Ridiculous.

The promised SAME DAY BANK CARD REVERSAL, well, that has still never happened, I called, was hung up on by 2 separate clerks and 2 times by the person in charge, whom I seriously doubt was a manager but the closest thing to one they had that day who said Oh I can take care of that for you right now, But then refused to. I have read through all of the other complaints about RKA and they all seem to have a common theme, Rip off the customer, Put the customer off as long as you can.

Never give back the funds that the company has Accidentally taken from anyone, LIE to the customer to make them feel at ease and make the customer feel HELPLESS against us as they are just a bunch of "Farmers and Hicks" Well guess what RKA this customer is business and law educated, The Wooster RK is going to get a great article in the next Wayne County Newspaper and all of the small ones as well, And probably online and into all of the tiny burghs in the area, Into Holmes and so on. Rk I hope you have a fine day with the money you will soon be losing.