Elyria, Ohio
Not resolved

You had your toro riding tractor. Advertised numerous time.

We would go there and and they would say sorry don’t have it. I even ordered one over internet and they said yes we have them . Took money and then when in a day they returned my money and said they didn’t have any in warehouse. A week later

We went over there last week cause you had a coupon in Sunday paper we loaded up trailer and went and the store employee said they hadn’t had a toro the one we wanted.

for a long time.. what unreal.. called royal king she aid we have them at different stores . I said which one she told me and I said thye have one there she would say no sorry.

So we went to Home Depot and bought tone.. same thing happen with a gun my husband wanted., advertised and we went to get it and they said haven’t had one for a long time..

we won’t be back . !!!!!!!!!!!

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