Paris, Illinois

I purchased a battery at RK that wazs for sale for 21.99 with a rebate of $5.00. The rebate was listed as a RK rebate but now they are saying it is a manufacturers rebate (Exide) but Exide does not list that battery as having a rebate.

I have done business with RK for many years but in the last year this is the third incidence of what appears to be extremely poor management or outright fraud.

I don't want ot waste my time taking them to court, which may be what they are counting on. It would serve them better than waiting on any further business from me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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The Exide rebate center number is 1800-935-5706 brief hold they ask you where you bought it and your name and they tell you your status... Mine goes out Mon. I'll keep you all posted.


Anyone have the exide number handy, They said my rebate was going to be in a week a few weeks ago and I cant find that number now.


The same thing happen to me here in KY. Listed as a RK rebate.

They said I had to send in a rebate form to the battery company. They gave me a form to fill out for refund. I sent it in and never heard back. NO refund.

It has been six months. Ripoff

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