Allendale Charter Township, Michigan

I did a google search for a specific product. On the right hand of the page there are spots for Paid Ads.

Rural King showed up as one of the ads. It had the product I was looking for....a fair low price and it clearly stated Free Shipping. I clicked on the ad and it directly brought me to their website and to the item page. It was not free fact they were going to charge me $15 for an item that cost $3.99.

I then decided to do Instant Chat..waited 12 mins and finally got a response. They told me free shipping was only for orders of $99 or more. I showed them the Ad...they said it was a mistake. I agreed to order $99 worth of this product.

At $3.99 each I needed 25 of them. When I put them in the cart and tried to apply the free shipping I was told that the item did not qualify for free shipping and that shipping alone would be over $190 for my items totaling $99.75. Asked to speak with manger....mgr. Got lots of excusses from mgr and was told this product did not qualify for free shipping or free shipping on orders over $99 and that the ad was a mistake.

When asked for someone higher up......they responded that the head supervisor would not honor their advertisement. They advised me to call corporate.

I left two messages over 1 week and have not received a response. Horrible way to treat a customer and I feel they have very shady advertising practices.

Monetary Loss: $189.

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