On or around Dec. 14, I was shopping in the Marion oh.

Rural king . I went to pick up some stovepipe for my woodbine. Figured I would try and find a new chain for my chainsaw! After digging through the very unorganized shelf of piles of chains and bars I found one that I could of used...

Could have used had I not been approached by a very rude and sloppily dressed Marion co. Ohio, sheriffs deputy, who said he was called by the store who had informed the officer (sheriffs department) that I was shoplifting! This totally blew me away as I have never stolen anything in my life! Then without explanation, was escorted out of the store after a shake down which I voluntarily agreed to, that of course revealed no stolen items.

I was ready to tell the overweight deputy where to go as he was escorting me outside as I was offered no explanation of where and why he was leading me out. And I had asked several times, "where are we going, can I get my cart?" Which was pretty full of merch! Probably about 250 or 300 dollars worth that I had spent a considerable amount of time picking out( or flat out digging through unorganized piles) to find in the first place! It was not until we exited the store that deputy Rinker, I believe it is that he said his name was informed me that the store " didn't want me there!....wow!

Even after I showed officer lead bottom that I had plenty of cash to pay for what I had picked out, or practically anything else in the store that I would have wanted to purchase! Well nobody will have to concern themselves with weather or not I am shoplifting from their rural king store or if even, I can find everything I needed as I will never spend another dime or minute of my time in a Rural King. My name is Jeff Baisden of Mt Gilead Oh. I am 45 years old and never before had I been so humiliated!

Officer fat ***, I'll get its! Karma is a ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: 233 America Blvd, Marion, OH 43302, USA

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Our store puts wanted posters all over with no reward lol


rural king did a similar thing a couple years or so ago at the new Philadelphia oh store they would accuse customers of criminal activity then file false complaints against them with the local police dept. and then have them banned from store even if they were not doing anything illegal I knew of customers that got banned from the store just for talking to employees that they even know , ITS A TRUE STORY !!!!!

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