I bought 10 fruit trees in April of 2013; by April 2014 7 were dead. When I asked for money back or a store credit I was told their policy was exchanges only.

They procure their fruit trees from Tennessee and I knew the southern states had had a particularly severe winter, so I wanted to replace my trees with some grown in Oregon. Spring came so late this year that most of their new trees hadn't even leafed out so there was no to tell for sure that the new ones were healthy. They wouldn't extend my warranty of course. They charged me more for trees when they didn't have the exact same type as last year's.

And now 5 of those 7 trees are dead.

And I won't be able to get replacements from Rural King until next Spring, which means that I have wasted 2 years fooling around with that store. I wrote a letter to Rural King's president, and he didn't have the courtesy to even acknowledge my letter, let along do anything about it.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Location: Terre Haute, Indiana

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