Louisville, Kentucky
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foul mouth

i was coming in your store today and their was a girl out front washing the front of the store down. im sorry but she was using the ***k word and a few other words. i will not be back in their. if that is the way your employee talk, that is surpose to be a family store, well my family means more to me then that. i even ask another employee about her talking like that and he said she talks to some of them like that. well that isnt a family store to me..

thank you,

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Your spelling is about as offensive as this ***k word you are talking about lol. But joking aside, I agree about the etiquette.

The problem is that usually employees are so often furious about the way they are treated by management that they do not care about the actual job anymore. ***k Rural King.


I have to admit that store etiquette is sorely lacking at stores. Mny employees need lessons on how to talk.

This includes managers.

Some have language that would make a sailor blush. I am not perfect but I do try to be dignified