I had my family get my husband giftcards for his birthday. They bought them at the store next to where they live.

When I went to purchase a chainsaw with them, they were not any good at the store that I lived next to, even though the back of the card says "good at any Rural King" All Rural Kings are not owned by the same ppl, they broke away and some are just a big "R". The stores were within an hour and half from each other.

Now I had $80 worth of gift cards that weren't any good to me because the store that wouldnt take them carried the "Stiehl" chainsaw and the stores that did take them did NOT carry the brand Stiehl. After several calls to different stores I finally got a mgr of a manager who finally accepted them at his store and gave me cash for them!

Store Location: Collinsville, Illinois

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as a matter of fact (......) rural king dose carry stihl chain saws. i work at circleville oh location. we also have stihl certified machinics so sorry for you lack of intelligence aslo sorry for connivance of the gift cards.


This particular Rural King did not carry the Stihlbrand.


My mother works at rural king and some rural kings around us does not carry stiehl


Ok well your problem is rural king and big R are not owned by the same people. On another fact no rural king carries stihl chainsaws. So your lack of intelligence just got the best of you.


Sorry, the store in Litchfield,IL. Has carried Stihl Products for over a year.

I, have worked at this location for 15 years.

Yes, they do have a problem that started about five years ago.

Since then thins are not the same.

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