I ordered a gun safe in November. The packaging was good, and due to the winter that wouldn't end, I kept it unopened in my garage until April.

We moved it in and there were damages from the factory. One corner was banged in so hard that door is out of alignment, large chips missing in the paint where the metal was dented, and a large surface area of the safe was marred.

They offered 10% off my next purchase, but I wanted $200 store credit (33% of the purchase price). Needless to say, I will never shop there again.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Store Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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Every store I ever worked at was thirty days to check it out, and bring it back... Sorry!


I'd say 5 months is more than a reasonable amount of time to inspect your purchase regardless of your personal circumstances. If you have guns surely you shoot them outside correct?

Surely you can put on a jacket for 5 minutes and check the safe correct? Surely you could have checked it at the store correct?

You had ample opportunity to exchange within their policy and you didn't. Your fault.


You should have opened and checked it out sometime in the PREVIOUS year. I would not have given you your money back either!

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