my husband gets paid every Friday so we go in and look once a week sometimes we buy stuff some time we don't .When we were looking around employs kept following us around and i didn't think to much about it at the time. so we go to the other side of the store the manager gets on the phone and looks are way.i told my husband we needed to check out and leave because i didn't feel right so we go to check out and the cashier calls for the manager and didn't want to put our stuff in a bad.We left and the manager walks outside and looks our way as we left.I told my husband i said lets go back i don't feel right and i want to talk to the manager because i felt like i was being watched that night.So he took me back i walked in the door and the manger said can i help you .I said yeah i feel like i was being watched she said i have noticed you come in here every Friday by nothing or very little and that raises red flags for stealing and if you guys didn't leave when you did we were going to call the cops on you.

so what i would like to no is if we didn't take anything what good would the cops do?

and how may items do you have to by when you go in so they don't think you are stealing. I don't like being treated that way and followed i don't care if i spent 3 hours in the store or not.I told my neighbors about what happened cause the breed dogs and buy there dog food there and they said they wouldn't buy no more the manager said me and my husband could come back but after this we will never go back i would like something done about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Cashier.

Location: Harrisburg, Illinois

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Where in the complaint is there any mention of the couple's personal attire?

John N

You sound like you have a big chip on your shoulder(s)in addition to some remarkably non-proficient use of the English language and grammar. Use some common sense: two people dressed like bums come into a store and proceed to wander around the store, casting suspicious glances all around.

They buy little in the way of goods. What would you suspect?

Probably best you shop elsewhere anyway. I doubt the store will miss you.

@John N

:roll Nikalseyn it seems you're one big redneck. The fact of the matter is......

They were not treated as any other customer, it doesn't matter how much they bought. The manager showed his stupidity out and out disrespect by telling them he was going to call the police. This store is in dire need of a bit of maturity in handling this type of situation. That particular manager did not handle it well at all.

And you Nikalseyn are nothing but a big turd. :zzz

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