Corydon, Indiana

I live in Monticello Indiana and I have been looking for a peddle boat for our family for quite some time..well we finally saved up what I thought was enough to buy it. I called the Rural King store in Logansport,IN to see if they had them and the prices...I was then told by what sounded to be a young lady..that they only carried one style and they were $200.00 withoutthe canopy and add $100.00 if we wanted the canopy....I was delighted at the price...I loaded up the wife and children and headed to Logansport to pick up our new peddle boat...wooooo hooooo...after a long drive and much gas used ...much to my suprisethere were no $200.00 peddle boats...they were almost $200.00 more than what I was quoted...leaving without that boat tore my kids in two. I should have received the boat at the quoted price

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