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I have been shopping the Rural King in columbus indiana for several years. I live 35 miles away, and with gas prices the way they are right now, I consider that "loayaty.

I went in this last week to purchase some baby chickens and supplies. I won't be shopping there anymore. First, out of almost 20 containers of assorted chicks, none of them were marked. When I ask an employee, I recieved a complaint session about how she had taken vacation and when she came back, this was how it was.

She helped another customer, then walked off and just left me standing there. I stayed in the area, trying to id the chicks, she could see me, and never offered any service. I finally had to go over to her, before I could say anything, another employee walked up to her, and they stood there for at least 5 minutes, complaining about another employee, ignoring me. I was standing within 3 foot of them!

Finally I was able to ask for help, which was a joke. She was dismissive, because I didn't know what I was getting for sure I chose more than one type of chick. Which seemed to frustrate her. She ask me "just how many was I going to get"?

I said at least 20. She says, then thats what I'm writing on the ticket! I wanted more, but now I was getting upset. I said something about having to pay full price for chicks that I wasn't sure I was getting what I wanted, her repy was "that's the price".

When I cashed out at the register, I let the cashier know I was upset, she blew me off also. I was so upset I just paid for my stuff and left. Over $100. I knew if I said anything else, I was going to get all kinds of ***, I was really upset.

Then when I got home. The icing on the cake, I was shorted 3 chicks!

Rural King just lost a loyal customer, and I work in a factory of 270 people, I am respected there and have worked there for years. I will post this complaint in our monthly company flier, and urge fellow employees to shop anywhere but Rural King.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Cashier.

Store Location: North Charleston, South Carolina

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I work for Rural King and would like to try to help with this situation. If you could, please email me at jmiller at ruralking.com

Thank You

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