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I bought 2 tires for my truck from the the vandalia store I went back to get the last 2 tires and was told the tires were no longer kept and they no longer had that size but they could get the tires I had at one other of there stores they look found the tires at Matoon store they said they would call when the tires came in I waited 2 weeks no call I went back to the store and talk to the asst manager again he said the mattoon store did not send the tires and he call the store again he told me the tires would in the vandalia store the next week and he would call me when they came in that was 7 weeks ago I also talk to the manager of the vandalia store a man without a personally I have shopped vandalia store for 40 years this might be my last

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Monetary Loss: $280.

Store Location: Williamstown, Massachusetts

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