On March 21, 2019 I went to customer service with 2 lawnmower batteries in my possession. A new 1that I had purchased a few weeks before that would not work.

And the Old core that I didn't bring with me when I first bought the new battery. I told employer I wanted to exchange the new battery for the exact same battery and I would like my money from the core from the original purchase. She in turn took the battery I had purchashed and advised me to go get another one. When I returned she rang up the new battery and proceeded to hand me a new receipt.

I in turn said I'm due money for my core that I brought in. She looks at me and said you need a core for the new battery. I told her the core I gave you was for the initial battery purchase I had made several weeks ago. She insisted we were even.

I again showed her the original receipt , pointing out I was charged extra when I made purchase for not having the core battery, 'Im returning it now and I wanted my refund. Just wondering where you get these people from, it doesn't take a genius to finger this out.

Although I eventually got my refund after about 30 minutes. My point is this should have been a 5 minute encounter.

Reason of review: Employees in management that cant do there job.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Store Location: 261 Mercer Mall Rd, Bluefield, WV 24701

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The battery you returned and the new battery would be an even swap if it's a matter of two or three weeks. There wouldn't be a core credit for the first battery since you didn't have a core with you.

Any credit for a core should be applied to the second battery and noted on the receipt for that battery. There is no "money due".

Reggie G

The Rural King I'm speaking of is not in West Virginia, its locatedin Martinsville Virginia

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