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I was at the store in Jeffersonville, IN and had the worst experience. My husband, daughter and I went to buy a new sofa.

We went to the furniture section, told them what we wanted and that we had some other shopping to do. The young lady assured us the sofa would be ready for us to pick up in the back. We shopped. My husband picked up a magazine he wanted.

We went to check out. There were long lines and harassed cashiers. When it was our turn to check out, the magazine wouldn't ring up. It kept telling our cashier that it wasn't in the inventory.

She got flustered and called for a manager multiple times with no response. We finally told her we didn't need the magazine and paid for our other items. We went out to drive around back to pick up our sofa and rang the bell at the door several times and no one answered. I finally walked all the way around to the front of the store, went back in and asked for a manager at the service desk.

No manager ever showed up, one of the guys that worked in the back came up and walked me through the store to the loading area. My husband was waiting outside. There was a co-manager there who was full of excuses and wanted to lay the blame off on his cashier. I personally heard this young lady call for a manager multiple times and get no response.

I had them call for a manager to the front and no manager ever responded.

All I got for my aggravation was a simple, "I'm sorry, have a nice day." I'm pretty sure that I will not shop at this store for a very, very long time. I love rural king but it's out of my way and to get poor customer service when I'm buying a big ticket item is unacceptable.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rural King Cons: Management.

Location: Jeffersonville, Indiana

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That happens at the Lafayette, Indiana all the time!!!!!

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