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Okay I have to say that I am very discussed after hearing what I did the other day! I must ask Alex, what kind of stores are you allowing to be run?

The fact is that your policy states, as well as many complains that have high standards in employment, that managers are not allowed to date fellow managers or hourly employees! However this high standard that Rural King claims to have, has been covered by the smutty management a number of your stores! Example being that a store manager is allowed to openly flirt, say provocative language, and meet for lunch with an assistant manager trainee! At the same store a long time assistant manager is allowed to flirt with cashiers and take them to lunch as well!

Is there not a policy in place for managers about this! It's a great way to show the community and fellow employees what type of store is being run! I will let you know that I plan on taking this store to the local media because this issue has been overlooked manager after manager and shoved under the rug as well as many other issues that have caused good employment or some and *** for others!

Maybe now someone will wake up! This company may make the money and may make great jobs for the select few that get "manager treatment", but its not what your father founded it to be!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

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And again this former employee.. actually used to date an hourly associate while they were an assistant.

Funny story. I am "discussed" .. try the word disgusted next time. You can go ahead and take this matter to the local media ..

and when they find out you are making statements against someone that isnt true. In word form .. I am pretty sure the word is "libel". That's right along with defamation.

Which you can be sued over.

Like I have stated before .. people in glass houses should not throw stones.


You are so correct... The funny thing is Cody hasnt worked for the company for months..

He walked out and quiet his job without giving the company he's so concerned about a notice.. The truth is he was an asst manager and dated an emplyee at anouther store. Him and her are not together now and instead of moving on after several months he continues to harass this girl and cause drama. This is a sick, pitiful excuess of a man and at this point I think the accused should press charges on him for slander..

he didn't come out and name anyone because he is a coward, but we all know there's only one person that is training in that store from Shelbyville.

Maybe Mrs. SHELBYVILLE should go talk to the family friend thats an attorney and get an restraining order for stalking and press charges for slander...


Cody walked out on his job because he knew he was on the *** of getting canned himself for doing JUST what he is accusing someone else of doing. He had his fair share of cashiers in the office after store hours.

You are right in saying people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. BUT..

It does continue to go on just with different people. :roll Some things never change.


At least Cody didn't name names on a site everyone can read. How rude of you. Now that's real slander!


Ha! I haven't been on this sight for awhile now.

There is so much truth to everything that was stated was going on. Good employees quit, because it was sickening to work around. The assistant manager chasing the pants of the regular hourly employee was so obvious. The constant googling eyes, texting on the floor and lunches.

They were seen by employees in the parking lot in the same car cuddled up. I don't care anymore. I took care of the situation for myself and left. Soooo much more than even that was allowed to go on there.

It wasn't all about who's doing who.

Favortisms and laziness was a huge part of why I couldn't stomach the place anymore. However, there are some sweet hard working hourly employees as well as management that only come there to do their job and not anybody else there.