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I am currently an employee here at the Jeffersonville store... I have a major complaint about our new store manager and assistant manager trainee...

First off our store manager is beyond rude, he is fair, but his attitude is horrible. Our new trainee from Shelbyville really gets a "special treatment"! Many times I have over heard them say let's meet at our usual place or special place! I was told that managers were not allowed to date people in the same store or be involved with other employees!

I really consider this unprofessional and beyond revolting! Can someone please fix this!!??

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

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I work at a Rural King store but I will not say which one. I happen to know who the Shelbyville manager and she is a big *****.

That is all she thinks about. That does not surprise me one bit.

Rural King is the worst company to work for. Once you start work for this company, you are not able to leave unless you quit and pray you have another job.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #690809

What's incredibly sad is. There is absolutely no truth to this statement.

This person. Is a not an employee there currently. They are a FORMER employee. They have a personal vendetta against the people they are making a claim to.

Rural King has its faults as a company, yes. All companies do. But as to the "special treatment" this person states the new trainee gets .. how would they know if they ARENT EMPLOYED THERE!

So in conclusion ...

people who live in glass hosues should not throw stones. It tends to end up badly.

to Anonymous #707016

It's incredibly sad how much all the poor management takes up for each other. There's no perfect store, but it's gone downhill bad in the past few months.

The work moral is very low. The leaders don't set a good example and there's no management to trust that an employee can even go to to talk!

to Anonymous #710070

It tends to end up badly when you *** where you eat, in all of your cases. And there is nothing Incredible about any of the irritating situations that occur at Rural King on a daily basis for no logical reason.

Things could be 75 percent better but Mr.

Mattingly seems simply off his little rocker. :roll

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