Ok well here is the deal, I am an employee with Rural King in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and I can say thank God that we got new managment in that store. The employees now have a manager that is willing to work with his empoyees and does not play favorites.

He holds each employee accountable for his or her work. I do have to say that when papa bears away, the kiddies (assistants) will play. There is an assistant that really treats their employees like dogs. They move any part-timers that should be working the entire store, inside and out, to the departments that they are over.

I know that our store has a one dream one team policy but I do believe that this assistant manager has forgotten this. With our store recieving more hours now, they need to start giving more hours to part-timers that actually work, or fire those that start drama that really makes you want to not work there, and fire those that do not do their jobs, because I have seen the stack of applications, many well qualified people want that job more so than those not doing it!

In all Rural King is not a bad company to work for. It seems like a roller-coster with the way they treat their empoyees and even their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Store Location: New York, New York

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BornCountry...you really dont want to work for this company...take it from me! Dont waste your time! Work for a company who appreciates their employees!


18 I do belive

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