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Rural King Shelbyville Ky Run Terribly

I am an employee at the Shelbyville, KY rural King. I recently got promoted to Department Manager. I was trained on the basics but i felt like i wasn't trained to the full amount i need to be. Our managers sit around on their *** all day and laugh/giggle and always bark orders. We don't have enough loaders during the day so the department managers have to take time away from their jobs to become loaders. All the managers are worried about is freight freight freight and when its time for the district managers to come in, we get bitched at because we are never able to be in our departments. The DM is a *** bag to everybody and even make one employee cry. They always call the Department managers for load outs and the cashiers up front don't know a *** thing about the store and dont know how to answer the questions on the phones. they can't use their 2 legs to walk around and look for something or to go and get carts. The place is run like *** and all the managers kiss *** to the head honchos when they fly in. its ***.
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I have worked for rural King for 7 years it doesn't matter where you go management is bad they never have your back no matter how hard you work for them on the clock off the clock they don't care if everything on the list isn't done you aren't doing it right or good enough don't forget the customers need to be taken care of too not enough hours in the day ... but they'll take there hr lunch and seat around all day and not lift a finger to help customers or employees


I hate the Shelbyville Rural King. After having one problem with the assistant manager, I managed to get a hold of the Regional Manager.

Mike the Regional manager was just an *** and should never work in a management position. He has horrible customer service skills and treats the customer like he or she is an ***. So I finally contacted the VP of operations, John, he was a wonderful person on the phone. He managed to listen to my complaint but nothing ever got settled.

So that was the first problem.

The second came just weeks after the first incident. This time the manager Tracy? Promised to get back with me about a price on a big order of stuff for the farm. So that never happened, and so I tried to call the VP of operations again.

I think he just didn't want to hear about anymore complaints so he deferred me to Mike the *** Regional Manager. Upon speaking to Mike, I felt like I was an *** *** bag that wasted his time and I was just *** under his feet.

Seriously I hate Mike and all of Rural King and seriously will only do business with TSC. I hope Rural King goes out business quickly.

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