Customer service at the Vincennes, Indiana Rural King is horrible! It's especially horrible for older peoople such as myself.

I am 57 years old, and last night I came in there for help regarding tryin' to get some Pennzoil Motor Oil that was on sale, and when I asked some young guy that worked there for some help, he said he would be back, and he never showed up. So I walked around for a bit til I found someone else, and that's when I saw him, that same guy just goofing off with another employee. So I approached him, and wanted to know if he could help me or not and he got on his radio and called for help for me.

I stood there for another 5 minutes, before I said to *** with and walked out. You people at the Vincennes Rural King need to get it together if you expect to have a good business!

Store Location: Huntington, Indiana

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The Circleville store has felt the rath of Ruth! They have lots several very good employees due to her!

You think corp.

office would do something! Shes a nasty old woman!


I am handicapped. I went to Rural King and I found the employees very helpful.

Could not have been friendlier ot more helpful. There are people that are never satisfied, with the help or product.

I feel for them. Ready to go back myself.


To the lazy 57 year old that wanted the oil...My god you're 57 years old not 70! Why didn't you send your butler to do your shopping if you were too freakin lazy to pick up some oil and put it in the cart.

You people make me sick.



I sure feel sorry for those poor people opening the store in Centerville Ohio (Think that is where the Manager of the Jeffersonville Store went. The manager they get is a hard nose and will down and degrade any and everything you do..

Kiss her butt or you will pay dearly!!!!!!!!The people at the Jeffersonville Store seem so much happier now.The Evil has gone! lol


what I find utterly hilarious is the customers that go in Rural King and think they always have to get something taken off the price of an item?? What do they think Rural King is??

A yard sale? A swap meet? I was in the Indiana store and over heard a man asking the clerk "Well what are you going to give me off on these?" They said well we are having a sale of 5 dollars off on this particular brand of shoe sir. He said oh I know that but how much more do I get..

My god! I felt like telling him the yard sale was down the street not in a retail store!


Hey Boo Hoo that employee should have been doing his job. Thats one thing that is wrong with rural king.

They have cameras and for some reason dont see the loafer employees just *** around doing nothing.I'd be pissed too if I asked someone for help and they went for help and didnt come back then I saw them goofing off.. Rural King needs to use better judgement when they hire these do nothings.


*** Rural King, That place sucks. I worked for em, nd I gotta say you wanna buy foreign products.

Keep shopping there. I quit there, because they took money from me off my checks. I worked for the bastards 2 weeks for 63 hours. I should have got paid roughly 415 bucks.

I only got 218.52!!! I quit on the spot.



I work for Rural King and would like to try to help with this situation. If you could, please email me at jmiller at ruralking.com

Thank You

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