Gallipolis, Ohio
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Recently I discovered the new Rural King location in Gallipolis Ohio.

My initial reaction, fair prices, items needed were available.

After a few visits my opinion began to change. Long waits in the check out line, even longer at the service desk if it necessary to discuss matters there. Requested a "rain check" for an item. Received a call stating the item was in, after waiting several minutes (45), I finally said that I had waited much longer than necessary, an employee said they would call the department again.

I opted to leave. Most recently problem occurred when I registered for a mail delivery of their advertisment. The item delivered by mail was different than those in store. Rebate was for $8.00 in the mailed item, the store item reduced the rebate to $3.00.

I will attempt to resolve the issue at the store, but have little hope of it being resolved. I do not believe Rural King will be a preferred store in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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You gotta watch their advertisements. Like love to advertise stuff and not have it in stock.

Their excuse " we made this flyer weeks ago". The same people deciding what goes on sale in the flyer if it even gets a sales price also order it. It's like me saying come over for a dinner party but me not cooking anything. They also now do all those rebates in hopes most customers forget to fill them out online so they still get full price, keep the store margin up and make more sales.

If people only knew how they treated their employees they would understand why most don't give a hoot anymore thus the poor service.