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Let me start off by stating I work for the store in Shelbyville Ky and I love working there despite the way we are sometimes treated!

This mainly for corporate offices info we recently got a new store manager awesome new eyes for the store make some improvements...what we have is a store manager who tells one person one thing and others something else or blames other people when she is confronted about something said. We have recently lost good employees beneficial to the running of our store.

1st our shop manager so now we now longer can do the repairs for customers and are having to give money back and defecting it ( costing co money) 2nd a *** good loader why you say because they were being talked to and treated like children(micro managed) 3rd a receiving manager who was let go because she didn't put glue pads for mice out prior to Operations manager coming ( whom by the way was not told to do it someone else was) now our receiving is done by someone who does not have a clue was not trained she was a clothing processor Whom had been written up for attendance and the paper work disappeared upon her being promoted then Apparel Dept was downsized by 1 manager and with no clothing processor one person is left to do the job of 3 in the most busy time of year. We have an employee who cries hostile work environment every time you turn around and yet remains in her job after she called another employee a FB and everyone in the store heard her including customers oh the most important part she waved her box cutter in the others face yet she remains employed??? Did I mention employee records disappear for only a few?? How about store manager having her husband and son clean parking lot( uninsured against damaged to cars and bodily injury to customers) and driving fork lift (which is a OSHA violation not certified by company insurance factor) for which our tire is now flat and she said it will not get repaired and our loaders had to hand load 22 protein tubs by hand and a skid of feed and mineral blocks 20 of the @ 50 lbs a piece.(which is a waste of company time and time is money) Safety does not seem to an issue we have had employees ask for team lifts and have been denied.

Pallets are allowed to stay on floor empty, pallet jacks left out , ladders brooms all safety issues and trip hazards not only for us but customers whom we are supposed to provide a safe and friendly environment for.(money) We lost a pregnant cashier who was let go for attendance but was promoted right before that and they scheduled her at times they knew she was unable to work. no verbal or written. Our store manager comes in on her days off to walk the store(intimidation) and sits in parking lot and sends Husband in to spy. We have no first aid kits employees getting hurt no paper work filled out.

Fire exits being blocked by trash and freight constantly.

Employees who come in daily wondering if they will have a job when they leave is a real source of stress from your ASM's down crying on daily basis in fear of their jobs and yes we all have days when we aren't at our top performance level but this store takes pride in it and our customers. Obviously we want and love our jobs we keep coming back day after day without a raise in almost 3 yrs sorry we did get .16 cents after 2 yrs and we've made the company millions I don't want to lose my job the few of still here are like family!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

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Sounds like almost every other Store there partner. Don't expect them to come back and help fix your store.

Their NEW DIRECTION is on the future not the past. All they care about is 15 new stores a year and reaching a billion in sales by the end of 2015. Will be interesting to see how they get there since all their store planning people have now quit that knew anything. Those select people were probably the only ones that ever really knew how to fix a problem when we had an issue.

Your best bet is to deal with it and keep quiet, try & make a difference and take the heat or just walk out.

Good luck to you.

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