Seriously, a sign-language trained chimpanzee could run the store more effectively. This store alone has gone through 3 different Human Resource Managers, not to mention the Assistant Managers who were hired, then quit several months later, after finding out what *** they had to deal with on a daily basis. Especially seeing how the Store Manager Tim Miller sits in his air-conditioned office, summer-time taking up space, while the Assistant Managers run a muck like chickens with their heads cut off ! You have one that's calling herself the Queen of Rural King, barking orders over the radio all day long, doing her best to degrade her newest subject to torture that day. You know things are bad when you loose 3 or 4 Stock boys/men within a month during the summer because they are overworked and constantly nagged at because they aren't getting all their work done. Ever think, if you quit nagging them every five minutes, they might get some work done without having to stop to answer their radio ? Use some common sense Queenie ! You know who you are.......... The Store Managers right hand lackey, that's who !

Store Manager needs to quit hiring his Walmart buddies/rejects, promoting them to Assistant Managers, when they have no clue how to run a store. The newest lackey, let's call her Ellie, stands at the time clock and waits for you to clock in, then starts barking orders at you. She will threaten you, if front of other employees, that if you don't get what she wants done before the end of your shift she will write you up ! Talk about a Hitler complex, she obviously likes degrading everyone she comes into contact with, Customers included. That's no way to act, especially at your age Ellie.

The one male Assistant Manager they hired recently, is totally clueless. Where did they find this looser ? He obviously hasn't had much experience in Retail. I doubt that he will be at this store much longer, he's already frazzled and sort-tempered to anyone that calls him on the radio to answer a Customers question. He always tells the associate to call one of the other Assistant Managers, because he is busy back in Gun Department helping a Customer. Or doing a Load/Carry-out because all the guys decided to go to break or lunch at the same time.

New Hires, don't expect to receive training for whatever Department or Position, you were hired to fill. You will be put on the sales floor to figure everything out on your own. Sink or Swim, the Rural King motto. Expect to be treated like a prisoner, talked down to, overworked with barely a ten minute break, so you can get something to drink before being run through the mill yet again ! By the end of your shift, you will be ready to keep hunting for another job, somewhere else.

And if you have the unfortunate misfortune of being scheduled to stay until the store closes at 9 o'clock, be prepared to stay until 9:30 or 10:00 pm every night. Store Management forces you to stay on the clock and SWEEP the Sales floor and ZONE/STRAIGHTEN the entire store, before you are allowed to clock out and go home. And be sure to watch your Pay stubs, to make sure that they don't try to cheat you out of the OVERTIME, due you !

And forget about working into a full-time position as a Department Manager..............the Store Manager only promotes his friends, or people he can easily manipulate, into those positions. Believe me, it is not a job you would want. You think being a lowly floor associate is bad, Department Managers cover multiple areas and have their work load tripled.

Some associates, are set up, destined to fail as a Department Managers. I've seen it happen time and time again, to good workers, simply because the Associate Managers ride their butts from the moment they clock in, until they clock off at the end of their shift. It is worse than a Nazi Concentration Camp, how to break a person's spirit 101, Rural King style.

Reason of review: Mistreatment of Employees by this Store.

Rural King Cons: How management treats employees.

Location: Monticello, Indiana

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as a current rural king associate I agree with the comments in #575195 this is a very accurate description of what is happening at most of the stores


This all sounds very accurate to me from first hand experience.


From what I hear, they hire some real losers as Assistant Managers. They had one married male Assistant Manager fraternizing with young teenage girls. Then had his wife come into the store yelling and screaming at people, wanting to know who her husband had been screwing on the side.


Rural King, former or current employees, have the right to voice their opinions. Obviously, none of you have worked in retail, or you wouldn't be quick to criticize people. Shame on YOU !


Sounds like some disgruntled alcoholic. Get over it.

Barking orders, or telling people to do their job? Hmm.

My guess is telling people to their job, which is also their job. ***.


And if I'm not mistaking you sound like a ex walmart worker as well. Let's just say your name is "Ghoulia".

Barf. Shame ob employees *** about their jobs. There are plenty of other people that would do anything for your job.

And them shorting you money on your pay..

I highly doubt it. But if they did i wouldn't pay someone like you.

This is the real world hunny. Wake uo and smell the roses.


What you fail to say is that the two former hr managers transferred from the store both with promotions. Now as far as the rest you are obviously a mad employee or former employee that just wants to cause trouble.

If you would just walk in the managers shoes and see what they have to deal with then you would realize that they are doing the best job that they can. If you think you can do a better job maybe you should step up and do the job or just shut up.


I agree this sounds like an employee crying because they were discipline. If they are the age they act(6) then the company is breaking child labor laws though.


How can somebody determine what age a person on the internet is ? These posts are placed anonymously, dumb- *** ! Maybe you need to grow up !


So which Assistant Manager are you ? Queen of Rural King or Ellie ?

Or do you get insider tips from Rural King Employees ?

? ?

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