I went to the Greenville, Ohio store to purchase a hand gun this morning. The clerk was finishing with a customer and called the manager Tom to bring the pistol that I wanted.

When he came up he had the wrong one and he took it back and had to make a copy of the other person's paperwork. When he came back he didn't have the pistol I was going to buy. The clerk mentioned that and Tom told him one problem at a time. I had been waiting for at least 30 minutes so I told the clerk that I was leaving.

Tom told the clerk to make sure that he had my name and they wouldn't sell me anything. This was real class customer service on his part.

He is lucky that I wasn't in charge of the store because he would be walked out the door. Plus, I will never buy anything from this store again.

User's recommendation: Don't use this store.

Location: Greenville, Ohio

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